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Social Media Content You Need to Create to Engage People

When you hunt for new social media content ideas, it’s always a good idea to remember that social media can help distribute almost any digital asset if you can get a link. In addition, social media is just the space – so you don’t have to feel limited as to what you can share on it.

Sure, there are social media content types that are platform-centric. TikTok boomed because it was the perfect place to share 15, 30, or 60-second videos, even if you can technically do the same on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Consumers determine ‘what works’ even if there are alternatives. People find the app more entertaining to use despite other options. YouTube followed this short-video trend closely after, and Facebook and Instagram won’t be left behind, either.

Interactive social media posts are certainly an excellent way to pique the interest of old and returning customers. These posts can be shared organically, or they can also be loaded onto social ad campaigns. But, of course, a business should never limit itself to just one type of post. Many other types of social media contents hold just the same level of potential as interactive posts.

jovie social media los angeles

What Are Other Types of Social Media Contents?


Articles, How-To Guides, Blogs & More

How-to guides, articles, and blogs can help show off your company’s extensive knowledge and expertise. In addition, these can help you establish your brand’s credibility. But keep in mind that there is a lot of competition out there, so you’ll need lots of natural creativity to produce worthy new ideas for blog posts.

Writing requires plenty of time to do correctly. In addition, you need time to develop content ideas, especially if you’re attempting to explain a complex subject matter.

Look at the most popular search terms to get some inspiration for creating engaging content. By learning what people are searching for, you’ll come up with new topics to write about.

LinkedIn and Facebook are ideal for articles with a word count of 1,500 or more. You have the option of posting the entire piece, a snippet, or a link to the whole piece. Include a link and a short quote in your tweets.

The content calendar is a great tool. To tell the story of your business in the best possible way, your content calendar serves as the main index of guideposts for all your blog or article contents.

When you look at your social media marketing campaigns, you can integrate those general ideas into a workable strategy that can be adjusted as you discover what works best.


Electronic Books

It is easier to demonstrate your knowledge of a particular industry by publishing an eBook. Therefore, publishing eBooks is still one of the best social media content ideas in 2022. In addition, fewer companies produce eBooks than blogs, so you can avoid the intense competition by using an eBook instead.

Some readers don’t have the patience or desire to read a lengthy eBook, and it takes a lot of time to produce an eBook and find relevant content for your target audience. So even though they have the potential to generate leads, not everyone reads them.

Chapters are compiled into a single manuscript. eBooks are essentially collections of a site’s best blogs. Consider hiring a professional writer who has experience writing eBooks.

LinkedIn is an ideal place to share an eBook with colleagues and others interested in the same subject matter as it is a professional networking site. Secondary options include Twitter and Facebook.



It’s never been easier to record videos whenever you need to. Because of the explosion of video content in recent years, Facebook’s algorithm favors video uploads, and it’s a fun way to display your products and services, too!

Livestreaming has also changed consumers’ expectations when it comes to social video. Less polished videos can feel more at home on social media. So take a chance and incorporate them into your content plans!

It’s simple and convenient to record videos, and they’re more engaging than still images. Video content such as how-to guides, tours, product updates, and demonstrations can all help your website gain more traffic and boost sales. Quick videos are cheap, but high-quality videos are more expensive as they require videography professionals.

Video production can be simple or overly complex, much like image production. You may or may not require specialized training and equipment to push out this unique content.

While the video is king on YouTube, videos also do exceptionally well on Facebook. Instagram is the best platform for short videos.