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Jovie Social is your full-scale marketing partner offering social media services that include everything from social media strategy to social media advertising. Expand your reach, engage your community, and build a significant following on different social media platforms with our expert services.

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Why Us


Jovie Social combines digital marketing with practical, real-world expertise in social media marketing to turn brands into crowd favorites. Bring your message and vision closer to customers and gain new followers while improving other content distribution from your site and landing pages.

Our Experience


We bring long years of experience in digital marketing, SEO, and social media marketing to the table, making us the top choice for building a social media presence. It all begins with writing the correct copy and combining it with other elements that make people want to engage with your brand.

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Our Services

social media strategy

Creating a social media strategy doesn’t have to be painful. We’ll help build the perfect one for your business.

scheduled posts

Jovie Social knows how to schedule new content at the best times of the day for maximum exposure and engagement.

content curation

Share content that matters to your audience and make them want to see your social media programming daily.

Online Advertising

Jovie Social can help improve your ROI by helping run Facebook Ads and other social media ad campaigns.

Audience Research

Identify your audience, create customer avatars, and understand who reads and shares your tweets, articles, and posts.

review management

Review management is reputation management on social media. Jovie Social can help you monitor online reviews, and we can also assist in responding to them the best way we know how.

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