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Social Media Strategy

Let’s bring together everything in one place – your business goals, visions, and the way you want to connect your brand to your consumers. Social media has so much untapped potential for businesses – it’s your social media strategy that unlocks this potential.

Social Media Management

Social media management means understanding and analyzing your social media presence with your customers. No more guesswork – Jovie Social studies the data and creates a blueprint that complements your goals as a business. The blueprint corresponds to the market as we see it and what the data tells us. If you want to connect to your customers this year, do it with ease and flair through the ideal social media channels.

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Social Media Profile Creation

Jovie Social can help set up different social media profiles so you can start connecting with your audience. Depending on the chosen social network, you may have to create a page, an individual business profile, or even a personal handle to connect with your audience. There is a specific approach each time. The process can be complicated for people who have never really connected to an audience with business in mind. Jovie Social has an intimate understanding of how social networks can build businesses.

Social Media Advertising

Are you interested in Facebook ads or Google Ads? Maybe you want to try promoting tweets on Twitter? Whatever the case may be, Jovie Social can provide you with a streamlined system where you can tweak your campaigns to improve engagement and your bottom line.

Designing a social media ad campaign while trying to solve the day-to-day issues of your business can drain you and make you lose your focus. Jovie Social is the perfect companion to make sure that your campaigns succeed.

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Content Curation

Content curation is effective as a strategy in social media.   Curation is more than just re-sharing material; it’s a chance to add value to your followers while also showing your own business experience.

Curated content is third-party content that you choose to share with your community. Curated content can be anything from a helpful blog article from a related company, professional advice from an influential thought leader, or anything else you believe your audience will appreciate.

A business’s role as a content curator is to choose only the most excellent content to share with your audience the same way museum curators will be very selective about what to display in specific exhibits.

This is a simple definition of curated content. Every retweet, in effect, is a very rudimentary form of content curation. However, if you want to get the most out of content curation, you’ll need to take it to the next level.

Review Management

The resolve to becoming a proactive business is the first step toward handling online reviews.

We would work with you to address relevant concerns while maintaining empathy when responding to unfavorable reviews to demonstrate that your business cares. We discourage businesses from taking too long to answer negative feedback online.

You have a better chance of repairing the problem if you get back to your customer as quickly as possible. It’s also a good idea to direct the reviewer to your customer service resources, which can assist you in quickly resolving concerns and maintaining client connections.

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Audience Research

Your market/s, branding, pricing points, customer service demands, and paid/organic marketing strategies can all benefit from audience research. This is critical when developing a content strategy for your company because you need to know who you’re talking to create the best content that connects.

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Jovie Social ensures that your business will be able to respond to both positive and negative feedback on the internet. We recommend thanking positive reviewers for taking the time to leave their great feedback. You have to customize your answer to emphasize the customer’s good experience.

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